4 reasons why you should consider painting your wood


Wood is probably the oldest building material used by humans. It stands out by being easily available and simple to use or renovate, as well as providing a good interior climate. When processed correctly with the ideal wood preservative, it can last for hundreds of years.

Wood coatings are a type of paints with high aesthetics that protect the wood texture from environmental impacts such as water, intrusion and termites. Thus, the characteristics of solid wood materials will be effectively preserved and their ornamental value on texture will be improved. Here are 4 reasons why you should consider painting your wood:

1) Wood protection

The wood used for processing solid wood furniture is hard and difficult to process, if the wood is directly exposed to the outside, it will be easily scratched by sharp objects, or it will wear out and lose its texture during long-term use. Hence painting the furniture will protect it on the long term.

2) Moisture content control of furniture and wood deformation prevention

Moisture content has a great influence on the stability of wood. Sealing the wood surface with paint can prevent external moisture from penetrating into the wood rapidly and stop internal moisture from evaporating excessively, thus ensuring that the wood won’t deform easily.

3) Fresher and shinier furniture

If the logs are directly exposed to the air, they will be easily corroded and their color will change under the action of oxidation.  After painting, the wood will not be exposed to direct contact with the air and will always keep its fresh wood color.

4) Aesthetic Reason

In fact, the same wood kind differs in color and grain patterns which is due to the minerals in the soil in which the tree grew. On the opposite, furniture can find even color under the meticulous care of paint workers.

However, many people think that painting will cover up the original color of solid wood furniture which is not the case! If you wish to preserve the natural wood appearance and grain, you can choose from our range of transparent coatings.

Hence, your furniture will be well protected and the original wood grain and color will be preserved to the greatest extent.

Happy wall Paints offers you a wide range of wood coatings from industrial paints: nitrocellulose paints and Polyurethane paints to wood care products such as: solvent and water based vanishes, wood stains, Teak oil and water-based wood protection varnish. The full range of coatings is available in glossy, semi glossy and matt appearance.

Moreover, Happy wall’s epoxy crystal clear offers a glass like finish that resists scratching and yellowing, suitable for 3D table tops or floorings.

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