Christmas and colors, renovated houses and decorations


Ah the happy season is here… And nothing says happy and merry more than being all cozy inside your home, sipping your cup of hot chocolate or your glass of red wine and sitting next to your lit Christmas tree. What makes it even more joyous is when your entire house sheds the same vibes! You’re asking yourself what we mean by this; well simply having your walls all newly painted during the holidays gives a happier impact on you and your photos.

The Christmas color schemes are none other than green, red and white displayed in infinite combinations, but these colors are not our only options, for instance you can easily paint your chimney in splashes of Glints of gold and your wall in a very smooth and eye catchy winter white, maybe adding a little bit of same tone of a color and texture.

If you are more lenient and not much into bold designs and visuals, why not opt for a smoother booster and have only one wall for example painted in a beautiful majestic red that would make the perfect Christmas interior Design touch in addition to your Christmas tree and other ornaments

Minimal looks using cream beige or soft gray are also very trendy or “eternal colors” that surely are a booster for your Christmas decoration ideas and that give a hint of warmth that keeps a vintage character all while keeping your home modern and  looking and feeling like you.

We wish you a Merry Christmas!

Amazona Team.