“Outstanding color matching”

color matching laser paints

Laser Paints delivers a wide range of automotive products to provide total service solutions for auto-refinishers around the world.

Every color is a combination of multiple tints, which explains why body shops’ most common problem is color matching. Hence, the right tools are necessary to find the formula that accurately reproduces an existing coat. Laser Paints provides professional and cost-effective color tools consisting of:

  1. A mixing machine (72 basecoat bases and 26 2K bases)
  2. A spectrophotometer linked to a software 
  3. Color cards and a formulation software

➔ As a result, the right formula will be retrieved in no time.

Laser Paints does the hard work for you by color matching any vehicle’s basecoat or 2K topcoat.


The spectrophotometer is a digital, portable, and easy-to-use device that ensures a consistent color accuracy.

Some of its star features include:

  • 1) Multi-angle color measurement
  • 2) Measurement of the exact color of the vehicle, being the most accurate color tool available
  • 3) User-friendly design and software

The software that is linked to the spectrophotometer’s readings offers a rich database of color formulations, resulting in the perfect color match for any car. Its advanced functions and compatibility with the spectrophotometer make it a valuable resource for any body shop.

color matching Spectrophotometer

Color Cards / Formulation Software

In order to achieve the best result possible for every aspect of a car, Laser Paints also has a collection of color cards. The color cards are an accurate color reference tool. The color box contains all car brands with their respective numeric color codes and at least one variant per shade. Using the designated code found on the car, you can instantly retrieve the corresponding formula of the desired color via our formulation software.

Formulation Software