Choosing the right paint for the sport courts


Choosing good paint is an important step in elevating the looks of buildings, sports courts, and many more. Besides improving appearances, there are several additional uses that paints have. One of the reasons why painting a specific surface is important is to protect the surfaces from rain, insects, solar radiation, and other external radiation. Secondly, painting is also beneficial in terms of maintenance because well-painted surfaces are easier to keep clean and safe.

Next, it has the ability to increase the visual appeal of a surface. When people look at a well-painted surface, it could give them a very good first impression. Other reasons include waterproofing and increasing surface durability.

Choosing the right paint for the sport courts can be quite challenging. There are important points to consider before buying it. In this article, you will find out all you have ever wanted to know about selecting the perfect court paint.

Happy Wall’s tennis court paint is a water-based acrylic paint fortified with graded silica sand for non-slip textures.

Tennis court Basecoat is a primer designed to be applied over bitumen or waterborne clear epoxy. Its unique formulation with sand and quartz is ideal for leveling and repairing low spots and depressions.

On top of the basecoat, one or two coats of the tennis court Topcoat are applied for an excellent resistance to high traffic and weathering conditions.

For optimal protection and color retention, the Wax Clear Coat is applied on top of the tennis court paint.

For court lining, Happy Wall’s Line Marking Paint is used. It has a very high coverage and fast drying time.

For all kinds of sport courts, this paint is durable and gives players good traction and a good bounce for the ball. It is also resistant to common chemicals and enhances the aesthetic value of the property.

Benefits of the tennis court paint:

  • Excellent weather and UV resistance
  • Excellent durability
  • Anti-chalking properties
  • Minimal dirt pick-up
  • Excellent adhesion and resistance to saline and dusty environment
  • Good mechanical and abrasion properties
  • Good leveling and hiding power
  • Anti-slip finish

The picture above shows the before and after of the tennis court located in Dbayeh, Lebanon painted using Happy Wall’s products.

For sports courts, Happy Wall’s tennis court paint is by far the best type of paint to use. It gives the players a good condition to play and the courts a pleasant aesthetic look. 

Fun Fact: Tennis court designers stuck with a shade of green when hard courts were first introduced because they looked similar to grass. Until the 21st century, this was the norm. The court surround was usually a different shade of green or red for a complete contrast.

Innovative tournament organizers decided to experiment with different colors to see if this would make things easier. Since tennis balls are a fluorescent yellow-green hue, some organizers believed a different surface color would make it easier to see. This is when blue and sometimes even purple courts became an option. Blue and purple are directly opposite to the color of the ball on the spectrum of colors. They enable people to see the ball most clearly. Combined with better television quality, this enables viewers to see the ball perfectly. Just as the color of the ball has evolved from traditional white to neon yellow, so has the surface of the tournament court.

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